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Whirlpools: Sparkling, refreshing, vivid - Water and air

Where warm water and pulsating air interact, bathing becomes an adventure

Buy Whirlpool: Private or commercial

Make an appointment with your local specialist dealer. He has been trained by RivieraPool and can provide you with product details, installation suggestions and individual solutions - including financing. All information - from A the installation of your pool, to Z the maintenance accessories. You will find Riviera Spas in spa centres or in one of the many professional dealer exhibitions.

Warm water at body temperature, whirling through jets, massaging and flowing around the whole body, relaxes and soothes your nerves, activates your muscles and gets your circulation going. After stress and exhaustion, bathing lifts mood as well as fitness. The RivieraPool-Whirlpools provide the optimal technical requirements for this: A lot of water and free moving space, smooth full body massage through a fully integrated air jet system. Powerful air and water massage exactly where you need it. 

As one of the first German manufacturers, RivieraPool follows and develops these standards consequently for more than 20 years - a guarantee for optimal functionality and service life.

RivieraPool-Whirlpools are branded products. RivieraPool is one of the first and by now leading German manufacturers of whirlpools with more than 20 years of experience. You can be certain to purchase a high quality product that will give you lasting pleasure. We are there for you: Our qualified team will provide fast and excellent service whenever needed.

Health through water…

Water, warmth, whirl systems: These are the three elements that work uniquely together in a whirlpool.

Water: The buoyancy of the water reduces the original body weight to one tenth. The body floats, the joints are relieved, the circulation is stimulated.

Warmth: stimulates the blood circulation. That is important because our blood has to transport vital oxygen, nourishments, healing ingredients to our body cells. Only well nourished cells are healthy, resistant and can grow.

Whirlsystems: Massage jets are directed towards tense muscle areas and loosen them up. The tissue relaxes. The air jet system makes the skin vibrate like a membrane. That doubles the blood circulation in a very short time. Oxygen enters the skin through the pores. This improves the oxygen supply into the body significantly.

Relaxation and well being are the result. Every day and every season of the year.

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Find a RivieraPool partner in your area and seek advice. Get in direct contact with our competent consultants. Experience a RivieraPool in your area by arranging a test swim.