The road to a pool

This is how you get to your dream pool...

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1. Pool dream?

Dream or affordable pleasure? No question since the existence of prefab swimming pools. With systems that are constructed and assembled in the factory the pool is built in the factory and not in your garden. Good for your nerves and your dreams come true quicker. Because the pools are mass produced they are more affordable. Only this way fabulous functions and much comfort are realised cost-effectively.

And yet your pool remains individual because you determine its style and design. This way you know in advance what you are purchasing - very different from conventionally constructed pool on site. Those pools you first see just before they are handed over - surprise ?! So don't compromise. Get the proper advice.

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2. Advice

Here you are at the right place. The advice you receive from one of our professional dealers or in our exhibition location at the factory "" is the first step to your own pool. You describe your wishes and RivieraPool has the pool that fits. Whether indoor our outdoor: style and design can be chosen ahead of time with the appropriate examples that you can see and feel.

At the same time you can find samples of beautiful matching tiles, various and ceilings .... wander in peace and quiet through the exhibition, look at our designs for your pool on screen. Can we offer you a cappuccino with that?

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3. Production in the factory

...and not in your garden. We have over 35 years of experience and know what's important in pool construction. Every experience is integrated as a new detail in the production line. That way, our pools are not only installed quicker, but they are simply more clever than conventionally built pools. You don't have your car manufactured in the garage. That's what we thought and that's why we mass produce in a logical way.  

This way the equipment can be installed and connected. Almost turn key - that's what makes the assembly on so simple. Besides, a pool for home or garden can be planned in detail in advance. Try and do that with a conventionally built swimming pool!

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4. Delivery / Installation

But now, on to your location. The pool leaves the assembly hall on a specially constructed vehicle and is driven to your garden by specially trained drivers. Should your house be in the way, a crane is organized that lifts the pool directly into the hole. Every time you cut the grass, you can check where you would like the pool. Once you find your favorite spot, the hole is dug, a concrete slab is poured and the pool is placed on top.

The professional dealer in your area organizes the digging, installation and fire-up on site. Only 2 or 3 days and your pool is ready to be used! Oh yes, did you take pictures? Flying pools over your roof top are a rare sight, because a RivieraPool remains loyal for decades!

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5. Dream pool!

The pool dream came true. With the help of a good gardener or landscape designer a beautiful garden can be created - your dry back yard has become a water paradise. Sit back and relax and enjoy the sight. Turned out beautifully!

The sun sets behind the trees, the torches cast a warm light, the air smells sweetly. I'll be back tomorrow morning ... for sure.

Find a RivieraPool partner in your area and seek advice. Get in direct contact with our competent consultants. Experience a RivieraPool in your area by arranging a test swim.