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The new water terrace
The new water terrace
The new water terrace
The new water terrace
The new water terrace

"Life meets water" - The new WetLounge®

It is a familiar picture: summer, sun and living on the beach. People relaxing in the warm, shallow water and enjoying life. Not everyone is an active swimmer and wants to stay in the deeper swimming area...

How can we bring this luxury into your home? Throughout the world this question is raised by pool design professionals, the "Watershape-Designers". "Life meets water": Wet and dry living areas grow together and become one, patio furniture is reflected in the shallow water. Cooling hands and feet - staying and relaying in and around the water. Or some vitalising fitness - however you like it.

On the basis of these visions we designed and contructed the new RivieraPool "WetLounge®". A prefabricated swimming pool which did not exist like this before. With regards to construction, the shallow water zone is a one or two metre extension with 15 cm water depth. Concerning design however, it enriches the pool through adding another two metres of water and creating a generous, calming and elegant look.

The new WetLounge stands for an increased quality of life - through combining and merging wet and dry living areas an inspiring water terrace is created right next to your living room. Just move your seating and lounge furniture into the shallow water and enjoy the special flair of your personal wellness laguna. With a size of 3,7 x 2 metres the WetLounge offers a lot of space for furniture and decoration. When the covered channels are rolled out, the furniture goes back to its old place and the pool is securely covered.

The shallow water zone:
One part of the prefabricated pool is the shallow laguna. Just perfect for seating and lounge furniture. Relax in the shallow water - and enjoy the warmth of water and sun. Available with three inlet jets and LED lightning if desired. The roller shutter pool cover automatically glides across the whole pool, securely covering the shallow water zone.

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The two WetLounge® step systems

Two step systems provide for a secure exiting and entering:

The new "Linear RS" is a comfortable step system with four large steps and equipped with one pool cover shaft. We use polycarbonate slats for the roller shutter pool covers because the material is particularly heat-insulating and hail-resistant. They let the sunlight through and warm your swimming pool up when its sunny - completely for free! Two skimmers keep the pool water clean and properly filtered and two jets stream through the shaft from below. 

On the opposite side you find the corner step system "Ancona" with five steps. This new step system can be seamlessly integrated and has an anti-slip surface, it elegantly and securely connects shallow water zone and deeper swimming area. The corner steps leave enough room for counter current and massage jet systems and thus guarantee plenty of space for swimming.

Step system Linear RS

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The brand new step system with pool cover shaft underneath: Two jets stream through the shaft from below. When activated the automatic subsurface cover discreetly rolls out between highest step and front pool edge and fully covers the water surface. An integrated safety edge system ensures a secure gliding and a high loading capacity. Moreover, two skimmers keep the pool water clean and filtered.

The steps have an anti-slip surface and enable a safe and easy entering and exiting. Another great advantage of the new RS system: For the opposite side one can choose between either shallow water zone or a panorama channel - so that the pool covers are now not necessarily across from the steps anymore.

Step system Ancona

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Installed step system "Ancona": The new corner steps leave enough space for counter current and massage systems, therefore ensuring the full pool length for swimming. In combination with the shallow water zone the steps look simple and elegant.


A unique atmosphere

Design highlight is the shallow water zone which be can illuminated by LED lightning if desired. The atmosphere is completed by a fire bowl placed in the water, creating a relaxing and decorative effect. Experience the elements - water and fire get together. Clean, with Bio Ethanol fire and decorative "ice" made of glass cullet. The swimming pool suddenly becomes the centre of the garden, a new living space where relaxing and fitness meet.


Recommended Accessories:

Ausstattungspaket Classic
1 (2) Skimmer mit Wasserniveauregler (8 cm), 2 (4) Einlaufdüsen, 1 seitlicher Ansaugfitting, 1 Bodenablaufmulde als Pumpensumpf mit Antiwirbeldeckel, 1 Unterwasserscheinwerfer, LED weiß, mit Trafo und Anschlussdose, weiß (1) oder poliert (0)
Beckenrandstein aus Granit, grau
 60 x 60 x 6/3 cm, mit Nase aus Vollmaterial gearbeitet, Oberfläche geflammt, inklusiv Ausschnitt für GFK-Skimmer und Deckstein
Handlauf Kara
Aus Edelstahl, poliert, mit Befestigungsplatte, Klebedübeln und polierter Blende, pro Stück 
Haltestange 1 m aus Rechteckrohr
Edelstahl, poliert, mit 2 Befestigungsflanschen und Mauerankern
Haltestange 2 m aus Rechteckrohr
Edelstahl, poliert, mit 2 Befestigungsflanschen und Mauerankern
2 Kleinscheinwerfer
LED weiß, mit Trafo und Anschlussdosen
Gegenschwimmanlage Twinjet 800 B
Doppeldüsenanlage mit pneumatischer Schaltung, Pumpe 2,2 kW - 400 V, Düsen mit 2" Anschluss zum Einbetonieren, Verrohrung bauseits
Massageanlage Healthstream 4-22 control
4 Superjet Massagedüsen, Pumpe 2,2 kW, Luftregler und Taster, weiß (1), poliert (0)

Underground roller shutter cover

Rollladenschacht Integra 2-13
verlängert das Becken um 48 cm, mit klappbarer Sitzbank, ermöglicht einen hohen Wasserspiegel
elektrisch 24 V, mit Motor in der Welle, Schlüsseltaster, Schaltkasten mit Trafo
aus PVC Hohlkammerprofilen, 6 cm, mit Endstopfen wasserdicht vergossen. Ausführung Polycarbonat solar, PVC solar oder PVC weiß
Rollladennische 370 für Skimmerbecken
Dient zur Aufnahme des Rollladens hinter dem Becken und unter dem Randstein und ermöglicht dabei einen maximal hohen Wasserspiegel, verlängert das Becken um 25 cm und ragt 50 cm ins Becken hinein, mit Auslaufschräge 45°, schrägem Boden und 2 Treibdüsen zur Durchströmung und leichten Reinigung. Die Sichtblende zum Becken hin ist abnehmbar.

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