2012 10 25 D3S6526
Rom Ü
Sleek & elegant
Rom Ü
Sleek & elegant
Rom Ü
Sleek & elegant
Rom Ü
Sleek & elegant

Rom Ü

Classic and stylish - with the impressive elegance of an overflow channel.

That's what makes our classic "Rom Ü" stand out: Clean shapes and lines combined with a round, broad entrance with curved steps. An overflow channel which ensures a constantly high water level. Elegant and classy, timeless and simple. If desired, the steps are available with an integrated counter current system. Two strong underwater flood lights create a unique sight in the evening.

Sandwich construction, wall insulation 20 mm and floor insulation 30 mm. Five steps with anti-slip surface, surrounding GfK overflow channel, white, adjustable overflow weir, waterline tiles and epoxide resin adhesive (on site assembly). Two channel drains Ød 125, PVC drain cover, white, with four mitred corners.


Recommended Accessories:

Equipment pack Classic Ü
1 Wall low level suction, 1 Bottom outlet sump with cover, 4 (6) Inlet jets 105, 1 Vacuum point, 1 Underwater light, LED warm white, with transformer and plastic connection box, white or polished 
Prefabricated kit for pools with overflow channel with gutter
white, adjustable overflow weir of GRP, water-side tiles and epoxy glue for installation on site included
Hot tap sampling point 1 1/2"
(Qmax 8,1 m³/h)
Stainless steel grabrail Rom
polished or white
Stainless steel polished handrail
2 m long
2 Underwater lights
LED warm white, with transformer and plastic connection box
Twinjet 1000 B counter current unit
double jet system with 2 air regulator, pump 2,6 kW -400 V, nozzles with 2" connection can be installed in the backfilling concrete, piping to be done at the site
Healthstream massage system 4-22 control
4 Superjet massage jets, pump 2,2 kW, 1 air control and PN-switch, white or polished

Underground roller shutter cover

Roller shutter
installed on the bottom of a pool, roll cover housed in a hinged Inline bench pre-Installed, with 2 nozzles 1,5‘‘ under the bench
Electrical roll-up fixture
24 V DC, with stainless steel shaft and integrated motor, key switch, switch box and transformer
Roller shutter cover
6 cm breadth, cover in polycarbonate solar, PVC solar version or PVC white version

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