Classic FRE NIE 003 IC eci
Classic XL
new design in XL size.
Classic XL
new design in XL size.
Classic XL
new design in XL size.
Classic XL
new design in XL size.

D-Line Classic XL - Less is more…

The simplicity and elegance of the "Classic" combined with a stately width of 4,70 metres - You will love it.

The water becomes the unique centre of your garden while technology discreetly stays in the background.

Modern D•Line handrails, floating steps, jet stream and massage systems. Subtly and cleverly installed.
The pool cover "Thermosafe underneath" guarantees safe, nicely warm and clean water.

The hail-resistant slats securely cover your pool until the next swimming and relaxing session…


Recommended Accessories:

Equipment package
1 (2) skimmer with water level controller (8 cm), overflow d 50, 2 (4) inlet jets, 1 1/2“, stainless steel with polished faceplate, 1 low level wall suction fitting, 1 bottom outlet sump with cover, 1 underwater light, LED warm white 50 W, incl. installation recess, with transformer 100 VA and plastic connection box, stainless steel polished face-plates
2 grabrails made of square tubings, polished, 80 cm high, incl. fixing devices and bezels, 3-step ladder with fixing material for placing natural coping stones on site
3 basalt stones for step treads
black with fixing material
Stainless steel polished grabrail
left or right
Stainless steel handrail, polished, 2 m long
made of square tube, polished, with 2 mounting flanges and wall anchors
2 Underwater lights
LED warm white, with transformer and plastic connection box
Twinjet 800 B counter current unit
double jet system with air regulator, pump 2.2 kW-400 V, nozzles with 2“ connection can be installed in the backfilling concrete, piping to be done at the site
Healthstream massage system 4-22 control
4 Superjet massage jets, pump 2,2 kW, 1 air control and PN-switch, white or polished

Underground roller shutter cover

Roller shutter shaft
with 2 inlets, shaft drain, extends the pool by 80 cm
Electrical roll-up fixture
24 V DC, with stainless steel shaft and integrated motor, key switch, switch box and transformer
Roller shutter cover
6 cm breadth, cover in polycarbonate solar, PVC solar version or PVC white version
Sun deck Integra XL
out og cumaru wood, incl. stainless steel lintel beam weighted pipe cover tensioner with 6 straps
Roller shutter niche
the roller shutter is installed behind the pool wall and below the coping stones. It extends the pool by 25cm and protrudes 50 cm into the pool. Fpr inspection purposes the screen can be totally removed. Incl. 2 inlet nozzles

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