My private C-Side
What style of garden do you prefer?

The new Mini Pool

Fresh cool water in the hot summer.

In this way a summer Sunday becomes a holiday for the whole family. And a mild summer evening on your "Lago" is the best place for a good glass of wine - then as the pool lighting reflects the movement of the water and gives the whole garden a distinctive atmosphere.

In compact dimensions of 2.1 x 2.1 m or 2.1 x 3.7 m, these glamorous mini-pools always have clever technology. A skimming filter with large foliage basket sucks dirt from the surface and keeps the water clean.

Or do you prefer it more natural? Then we have for you the biofilter in which plants clean the water bio-logically.

This technology is found in a small duct which is sunk just next to the pool into the ground. The hinged lid reveals the equipment room. The built-in parts of the pool are always factory fitted.

To ensure you have more pleasure than work with the pool, your C-SIDE pool and the right technology come preinstalled. Thus, only the pool with the technical duct must be connected on site. The piping material is included Off course. Depending on the installation can be installed within two days after delivery.

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    The designer

    "The Designer" will install the pool in his stylish Bauhaus terrace. Dark "granicite" surfaces in natural stone look or trendy mosaics from Ezarri or Sicis reflect the light. The "SlimLine" components are installed flush and bring the air-water mixture to the bathers. The design is linear, ordered, reduced and architecturally clean. The "Ambi-Light" casts elegant waves on the white areas of the house or the privacy elements.

    With elements such as dark, square floor tiles, gravel areas and large grasses this pool can extend to a lounge area where you relax comfortably on stylish cushions. A chic floor lamp and discreet sound create luxury in an outdoor living room to enjoy the night.

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    The connoisseur

    The "connoisseur" and "my private C-Side" will be a very pleasurable team through the fusion of water, fire and outdoor cooking. Naturally, through the water at the center of the seats and lounge area, the scent of oleander and lavender, spices such as rosemary and thyme, waiting freshly in the flower beds to refine the Mediterranean cuisine. Comfort is on the menu, delicious combinations of grilled fish and garlic and cool white wine. And then this relaxation in and around water, the fire in view.

    The long and peaceful evening. The C-Side Pool is then simply closed with the "Lounge2cover". This keeps the water warm, the habitat remains clean and safe for the next leisurely day at your private "Bagno". Incidentally, each atrium with the C-side pool becomes the highlight of the house, even in cramped residential areas. Begin to combine - treat yourself to this habitat - and enjoy life ...

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    The Active gardener

    Just perfect after vigorous cycling or jogging. It is enjoyed also by the early bird good because the well warmed water with plenty of oxygen massages tired muscles and revitalises. In conjunction with a garden shower and outdoor sauna, the outdoor living room is attractive both summer and winter.

    For "the Active" gardener, the C-Side becomes a fitness area in the garden. Thanks to the solid construction of the pool, insulating concrete and an air heat pump, it can be well heated quickly and offers active people a small wellness oasis.

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    The Natural

    The heating takes place here significantly faster than with traditional, wood-fired hot tubs, which heat the water only by thermal circulation. Use throughout the year is no longer a luxury. After finishing with the garden treat yourself to a fresh foot bath or a warm whirlpool - you deserve it.

    The Natural will design the C-Side quite organically. Many plants around the water, warm colours and rather rustic with lots of wood and place for the warming fire in the evening - this is how the "natural" C-Side should look. Naturally, with biological water treatment, perhaps even with a natural wood heater? A fire bowl with stainless steel coil through which the water is returned well heated to the pool takes care of this.

Wich style of garden do you prefer?

Which style of garden do you prefer?

Combine your personal outdoor lifestyle. For this we have prepared a number of plans. Each one is a little recipe to feel good. And never has a garden idea been turned into wellness concept so simply and quickly.

C-SIDE is as diverse as you are.

The C-side pools are of excellent origin. The company Riviera Fertigschwimmbad GmbH has been producing swimming pool and whirlpools in northern Germany since 1970.