My private C-Side
What style of garden do you prefer?

The new mini-pool for your garden

The first compact garden pool, which effortlessly turns your private terrace into a habitat on the water - into your private water terrace. "AquaLiving" is the keyword here. If the lake is lacking at your house on the lake, now this can change quickly: With C-Side, the creative concept from RivieraPool.

compact And creative

No swimming pool, no hot tub. But a pool, ...
... which brings the appeal of shallow water into your garden. For some, it is a water object for viewing on and off, a lounge area on the water. For the others: The Aqua Lounge, the chill-out zone for diving into - for cooling or warming - to float and relax - just to feel water.

Fresh cool water in the hot summer. In this way a summer Sunday becomes a holiday for the whole family. And a mild summer evening on your "Lago" is the best place for a good glass of wine - then as the pool lighting reflects the movement of the water and gives the whole garden a distinctive atmosphere.

Which style of garden do you prefer?

Pool installation ... Is also easy ...

cside pooleinbau podest
cside ebenerdiger pooleinbau

Why C-Side?

  • Floor-flush installation possible
  • Semi-recessed installation possible
  • Roof terrace version possible
  • Can be erected on gravel
  • no base plate required
  • no duct connection necessary
  • no fresh water pipe necessary
  • All fittings pre-installed
  • One-piece prefabricated pool
  • Durable epoxy acrylate


To ensure you have more pleasure than work with the pool, your C-SIDE pool, the right technology come preinstalled. Only the pool with the technical duct must be connected on site (the piping material is included Off course). Depending on the installation you can be enjoying the pool two days after delivery.

  • cside gartenpool technik

Quality & Experience

RivieraPool Fertigschwimmbad GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of prefab swimming pools and whirlpools. Comfort, solid quality, elegant design and top notch equipment are the result of 40 years experience and innovation.

Easy to clean

The skin-friendly surface of your C-SIDE pool is always easy to take care of. Dirt, algae or limescale have no chance thanks to the non-porous smooth material . Cleaned with a soft cloth from time to time, it ensures years of pleasure. Smooth walls significantly reduce the effort of cleaning agents.

Robust and long-lasting

The inside of a C-SIDE pool consists of seven layers. Each layer performs a specific function and, when combined, they are responsible for the unique characteristics of your C-SIDE Pool. Starting from the water-side of the pool, the first two layers provide a fade-resistant, easy-care surface that is friendly to your skin. The first, high-density coloured layer is UV-resistant and also resists many chemicals and cosmetics.

Their long-term resistance to fading is the result of years of work and strict processing guidelines. The second layer makes the pool walls noticeably smoother, which helps keep dirt, algae, and lime scale from adhering, making the surface easy to clean and kind to the skin. Scratches or damage can easily be buffed out as required. The glossy, smooth surface ensures that the pool continues to look good and fresh even after many years.

Quickly assembled

After delivery by your installation personnel, the pool is set on a compacted and smooth gravel layer and backfilled with polystyrene concrete or sand. The pumps have already been installed in technology duct. The duct is connected with a few pipes to the pool and must always be installed below the water level. In a few days your C-SIDE pool is ready for use. 

The C-side pools are of excellent origin. The company Riviera Fertigschwimmbad GmbH has been producing swimming pool and whirlpools in northern Germany since 1970.