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Plunge pool
Simply plunge in
Tauchbecken für die Sauna
Plunge pool
Simply plunge in
Plunge pool
Simply plunge in

Sauna plunge pool for hotel & Commercial

Cold Dip IceCube – The new luxury cold plunge pool

RivieraPool plunge pools are manufactured standard with generous entry steps. The steps and the bottom have an anti-slip surface, which ensures safe entry and exit. A partial overflow system guides the spilt water into the channel and serves as a safety overflow system. A sump is built into the bottom. The walls are reinforced by a pre-molded profile.

tauchbecken karo
tauchbecken karo icecube

L x B x H:
220 x 220 x 137 cm


117 cm

1.800 l

Weight: 240 kg


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  • cold plunge pool with solid acrylic glass edging (height: 230 mm, thickness: 20 mm)
  • pool shell made of epoxy acrylate with smooth surface
  • 5 steps and floor all with slip resistant surface
  • stainless steel handrail, electropolished
  • overflow channel on all four sides
  • transparent PVC gutter grate (standard)
  • 2 qty channel drains (diam. 63 mm) with water trap
  • brass main drain 1 1/2“ with anti-vortex cover
  • adjustable support frame incl. 2 step supports
  • LED underwater lighting (ice-blue) with built-in niche and control box

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