How to get to your RivieraSpa?

    The road to a pool

    1. On-site advice

    Make an appointment with your local specialist dealer. He has been trained by RivieraPool and can provide you with product details, installation suggestions and individual solutions - including financing. All information - from A like the installation of your pool, to Z like maintenance accessories. You will find Riviera Spas in spa centres or in one of the many professional dealer exhibitions.

    2. Delivery

    The delivery of your RivieraSpa is carried out directly from the factory or the dealer's warehouse. In any case, you will be informed about the exact delivery date. On the day of delivery, your local dealer will ensure correct installation and he will instruct you in all functions and also water maintenance.  

    3. The service

    Also here, your specialist dealer is available as our local partner to take care of your requirements. It goes without saying that we provide fast spare parts service and a technical hotline directly with the factory. Each pool has its own unique order number which is useful for identification and follow-up spare part orders, even after years.