The new generation

    Strato 2.1

    The new design Hot Tub - Made in Germany

    The completely redesigned Strato 2.1 offers compact dimensions that make it the perfect pool for your leisure area or patio... Its modern, angular design makes this pool an attractive centre point for your bathing area. The comfortable middle entry also accommodates the skimmer, creating stylish symmetry. A portable spa offering the last word in modern design and style. With its modern aluminium panels and patented hard-top cover, this pool is a highlight wherever you position it, whether indoors or in the garden.

    Lite & Elegance


    We’ve chosen the most elegant acrylic colour for you – and just this one: gleaming, dazzling white. No other colour makes your pool water look so wonderfully fresh and blue. So all you need to do is choose the colour of your cladding: from highly elegant matt white and anthracite to warm beige. The Lite version has white offset corner elements, giving the design a very sporty look. The Elegance version comes in the all-in-one look.

    Hydrotherapy & Health

    The right nozzle in the right place

    Different massage nozzles have different effects. Every zone in the body has its own specific problems. This is why it is important to ensure the nozzle array for each massage station is coordinated with the body. A 15-minute jacuzzi raises the oxygen concentration in the blood by around 10 %. This ensures maximum ventilation for your organs!



    The design: ultra-stable and robust in all weathers. - Pool made from sanitary acrylic with fibreglass reinforcement, unit construction, resilient to high water temperatures, disinfectants and UV. - The cladding made from aluminium double-sided hollow chamber profiles can withstand all weathers. - It can be removed to provide access to the technology. - The base tub made from fibreglass-reinforced plastic resists moisture and external stresses. - The cover made from RivieraTex is the protective cover that can keep even extreme weather away from your pool.

    Low energy costs

    Your pool is completely snug all year round. The hard-top cover lies on the edge of the pool and protects the entire water surface from cooling. All four sides of the pool are equipped with 4-cm-thick, stable insulation panels. Removable! All four corner elements are insulated. The base tub has a 3-cm-thick insulated core made form PU hard foam. The heat from the pumps remains inside the technology chamber and is therefore used to heat the pool water.

    Touch display operation

    it doesn’t get any simpler - All functions can be controlled via the display on the edge of the pool: massage functions, lighting, filter settings. Information messages are shown on the display. An external remote control communicates with the display and allows the massage functions to be operated while you are sitting comfortably in the pool.

    The hard-top cover

    highly efficient and child’s play to open - RivieraTex and 4 cm insulated core keep the heat in the pool. Low weight and 4-part design make handling easy. The pull-out hard-top layers create the ideal support surface for the hard-top elements. The rain cover provided as standard protects against all weathers and keeps dirt at bay. And even if it gets a bit dirty itself, just pop it in the washing machine.

    Patented hard-top cover

    There’s a system to it: the patented hard-top cover. The only one of its kind in the world. Invented and developed by us.

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