Pool design, redefined

Wave 255 public

Wave 255 public

The Wave Highline convinces with its straight-line, square design. The four seats are arranged in the corners - in diagonal seating positions.

This gives four people plenty of space to stretch out and float.  Comfortable neck cushions and a rich equipment of massage and air jets make the Wave Highline a dynamo for your circulation.  And the highlight: the water level is flush with the floor in the room!  The floor covering can be brought up to the edge of the pool and cover the sunken overflow channel. 

To prevent waves and splash water from flooding the bathing area, the water level is lowered at the touch of a button before the pool is used - the overflow channel now functions as a splash water channel.

For use in public bathrooms or heavily frequented bathrooms, a cover grille is of course also available.

Technical data

255 cm x 255 cm x 104 cm

Filling capacity
1.680 l

Wellness Equipment
2 Jet Control, 6 Superjets, 10 Microjets, 4 Turbojets, 1 Spingquell, 4 air nozzles

The benefits of a RivieraPool whirlpool

RivieraPool has been producing whirlpools in Germany since 1976. For private indoor and outdoor pools, hotels, fitness centres and cruise ships.