Ride the wave of relaxation

Wave 2.0 Built-In

Wave Built-In

Here comes the Wave with its integrated skimmer under an elegant bezel and chic integral foam pads. The entrance is designed with soft pads for sitting down and sliding in.

The digital pool display can be found under the pads. The operation of the pool can also be handled with the floating radio remote control. No more switches or disturbing elements on the edge - only the comfortable neck cushions protrude from the water level. A floating insulating cover for indoor areas protects the water surface from cooling down. A chic daybed cover for outdoor areas is also available and lies on the edge, the neck cushions remain discreetly underneath it.

Technical data

206 cm x 226 cm x 85 cm

Filling capacity
1.710 l

Wellness Equipment
6 Superjets, 4 Turbojets, 10 Microjets, 16 air nozzles

The benefits of a RivieraPool whirlpool

RivieraPool has been producing whirlpools in Germany since 1976. For private indoor and outdoor pools, hotels, fitness centres and cruise ships.