wellness squared

Strato 2.0 Built-In

Strato 2.0 Built-In - wellness in a square.

With its compact dimensions, the Strato is the perfect pool for your home bathroom. Its modern, straight-line design makes this pool the sympathetic focal point of your bathroom.

The comfortable central entrance also accommodates the skimmer and creates a chic symmetry. Four massage places with different equipment and a massage couch for the relaxing air bubble massage bring oxygen into the blood. Strong, rotating back jets stimulate the circulation and strengthen the muscles. Not only for the body, also for the optics a successful presentation. With its innovative insulating cover, the Strato comes with a daybed included - for the subsequent chill-out. This daybed is so sturdily built that it can carry two people, even when lying over the pool.


Technical data

194 cm x 194 cm x 85 cm

Filling capacity
1.300 l

Wellness Equipment
6 + 4 Superjets, 2 Turbojets, 10 Microjets, 8 air nozzles

The benefits of a RivieraPool whirlpool

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