Rounded elegance

Roman 225 Built-In

Roman 225 Built-In
a set and done thing, this pool...

If a model can be said to have perfect elegance, it is the Roman. It reflects the harmony of a perfectly shaped pelvic body.

In terms of function, the Roman continues to leave no questions unanswered: Many powerful air jets work against tense muscles and provide a powerful pulsating air-water mixture of body temperature, which invigorates body and mind. The matching massage jets massage the muscles where they are needed. We recommend installing the Roman in a separate deck with indirect lighting, which makes your pool appear to float.

Technical data

ø 225 cm, 85 cm deep

Filling capacity
1.680 l

Wellness Equipment
2 Jet Control, 6 + 4 Superjets, 2 Turbojets, 10 Microjets, 10 air nozzles

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