Whirlpool with eight corners

Octagon public

Octagon public

Octagonal Whirlpool

Self-supporting, octagonal whirlpool made of deep-drawn sanitary acrylic, reinforced with fibreglass and insulated all around with PU foam. Adjustable support frame as standard. Flood gutter made of fibreglass-reinforced isophthalic acid polyester resin, all-round and permanently attached, colour pure white.

Channel bottom for faster drainage and flushing with a slope of 3.5% to the drain. Standard with 1 drain sleeve d 110 made of rigid PVC for max. circulation capacity of 30 m3/h. Circumferential bench seat with 5 seats, 2 steps with profiled surface.

Air duct system with air nozzles made of ABS in floor and seat surfaces, can be completely emptied through a slope to the connection pipe.

Basic equipment

Number of air nozzles     70
Mounted overflow gutter made of polyester in white  
Adjustable support frame and gutter stabiliser     
Channel drains for max. 30 cbm/h circulation capacity
Circumferential bench seat  
built-in support frame with 5 adjustable feet  
Adapter sleeves for 8 gutter supports


Technical data

Octagon public 255

253 cm x 253 cm x 87 cm

Filling capacity
1.900 l

Persons according to DIN: 4

Octagon public 255 flat

253 x 253 x 74cm

Filling capacity
1.370 l

Persons according to DIN: 3


The benefits of a RivieraPool whirlpool

RivieraPool has been producing whirlpools in Germany since 1976. For private indoor and outdoor pools, hotels, fitness centres and cruise ships.