Whirlpools with overflow system

Series "Riviera Public Spas"

Whirlpools with overflow systems: first class comfort

Whirlpools with overflow channels offer a special optical effect and a unique bathing comfort. The whirlpool harmoniously fits in the environment through high water levels. Flowing transitions and subtle edges create unique views.

The view from the whirlpool is unobstructed. The high water level allows maximum water depth which gives a special quality to the massage. The large volume of water brings much freedom of movement. The water reaches above the shoulders, allowing you to float freely and to relax. Because of the high water level, shoulder and neck jets can be installed even higher than usual which improves their effect. Splash water and waves are swallowed by the overflow channels before getting into the bathroom. This is why whirlpools with overlow systems can be equipped with even more intensive massage systems.

Therefore, besides many air and water jets, RivieraSpas with overlow channels also have a spring jet at the bottom of the pool, which gives the feet and ankles a voluminous, soft water massage. When the blower is switched on, a bubbling volcano erupts, which powerfully kneads the legs.

Whirlpools with overflow systems are basically built-in models, which means they are designed with tile or wood facades after installation. The equipment is pre-mounted on a skid plate and located in a separate technical room. In order to ensure even water levels, an overflow collector tank which holds 1,000 litres is installed with an automatic water level control. Here too, the Spa Manager takes over the management of the pool. You just have to operate and use it.