Your iSolaSpa is equipped with a well thought out hydrotherapeutic concept which treats the human body and its well being as one integral concept. It leads you through 8 fine-tuned and balanced whriling phases with alternating stronger and weaker intensities and enhances your feeling of well being and your health.

    The following table depicts how the individual whirling phases helps relieve some of today‘s health issues.

    Drain and Effect

    The 8 Phase vitality model is a massage that lasts 20 minutes. RivieraPool developed it together with Dr. med. W. G. Frenkel according to medical and physiotherapeutic concepts and converted these into the whirl massage. The alternating mixture of strong and soft massages is especially beneficial. Periods of rest, which help process the stimuli, also belong to an effective massage.

    The 8 phase vitality model


    Spa = SANUS PER AQUAM - Health through water… 

    Even in ancient times, people knew of the healing and curative powers of water and the therapeutic effects of heat treatment and massage. But they also knew that these elements have a particularly strong effect on the body when combined. This is exactly what a whirlpool does, offering the unique combination of water – heat – air.

    The buoyant force of water makes the body feel lighter and lets it float, therefore relaxing muscles, joints and nerves.

    The heat stimulates the circulation by widening the blood vessels and increasing the blood flow. This combination of water and heat increases blood flow to parts of the body with poor circulation. An increased circulation then results in better transportation of oxygen, nutrients and other vital substances to organs, tissues and cells.

    Massage jets provide targeted relief to problem areas, relaxing tense muscles and improving circulation through them. Additionally, the massage brings about a “pumping effect“ that reinforces blood circulation in the deep tissue and internal organs. An air bubble or oxygen bath provides your body with oxygen which is then transported to blood vessels and cells. Only 15 minutes in the pool can double the oxygen saturation of your skin!

    The ergonomics of our RivieraSpas is designed according to hydrotherapeutic aspects. The most important principles are:

    Freedom of movement: The body needs to freely float so that the tissue and muscles can relax. There should be enough space to move tense and stiff areas of the body in front of a jet and find a good and comfortable position. The distance between body and jet has to be alterable, allowing precise adjustment of the water stream‘s intensity

    The right jet in the right place: For an optimal full body massage, a whirlpool needs to be equipped with several kinds of jets: gentle jets for a soft and superficial massage of skin and front side of the body, big and powerful jets for the strong muscle areas of the back and small mircojets that perform strong finger pressure massage directed towards the muscles in the shoulder and neck area and the back.

    The air bubble system: Increased blood circulation and nutrient transportation necessitates a good administration of oxygen. The soft air bubble massage affects the body in a very gentle way and perfectly complements the massage jets. You shouldn‘t miss out on this.

    Our RivieraSpas optimally combine the mechanisms of water, heat, air and the construction of lounge and seating areas in the pool. They offer a 20- minute vital model consisting of eight fine-tuned whirling phases, delivering a holistic full body experience that is geared to today‘s top 25 health issues.