The advantages of a RivieraPool whirlpool

    RivieraPool has been producing whirlpools in Germany since 1976. For private indoor and outdoor pools, hotels, fitness centres and cruise ships.

    Stable construction

    - Acrylic glass surfaces
    - GRP laminate strengthening
    - Incorporated support feet 

    High-quality massage equipment

    - The right nozzle in the right place
    - Air bubble bed or seat
    - Adjustable in intensity

    Comfortable touch display operation

    - Automatic control of all filter and heating functions
    - Massage function can be controlled via floating remote control from the seat
    - Bluetooth for music from your smartphone

    Complete water treatment

    - Cartridge filter for fine filtration of the water
    - Ozonator for basic disinfection
    - Automatic control with display of maintenance and error messages

    Low energy costs

    - All-round insulation, waste heat stays inside
    - Priority circuit, therefore only 230 V connection

    Resysta wood in various colours

    - cape cod (warm brown) 
    - pailsander (brown) 
    - anthracite (grey) 

    Chic acrylic colours

    - white
    - silver
    - pearl

    Weatherproof Resysta cladding

    - Weatherproof Resysta cladding
    - Removable single panels
    - Warm wooden shades, chic colours

    Excellent coloured light

    - LED RGB Underwater Lighting
    - LED ambient lighting under the cladding

    Stable covering as a DayBed

    - Heat-insulating hardtop cover
    - Safety and cleanliness
    - Daybed hinged, easy operation

    Solid technology, cleanly installed

    The technology package is pre-assembled and tested at the factory. The technology is installed in a technical room and is easily accessible there.

    Cover for inside: Insulating tarpaulin

    Heat and moisture remain in the pool: the insulating tarpaulin, easy to handle, discreet in design. Simply place it on the water surface of the pool or put it in the shower when using the pool.

    Outdoor cover: Hardtop as daybed

    A hardtop cover completely covers the pool and can even be used as a daybed. Outdoors, it keeps out rain, dirt and uninvited guests.

    Riviera Spa Manager Display

    The complete handling of all functions in one element. Modern technology with touch panel and self-explanatory icons. For installation in the bathroom or on the edge of the bath. Bluetooth for music from your smartphone.

    Chic overflow gutter

    - Plastic gutter for public pools for public areas

    The remote

    - Comfortable control of massage and whirlpool functions from your seat

    High water level

    - Water level at ground level
    - Channel grating with integrated channel stone
    - Lowerable water level for floating

    Durable construction and surface

    - Surface made of skin-friendly and durable acrylic glass
    - Highly stable GRP fortification
    - Integrated steel frame, adjustable feet

    Quality based on experience

    RivieraPool has been producing whirlpools in Germany since 1976. For private indoor and outdoor pools, hotels, fitness centres and cruise ships.


    Superjets have rotating inserts and thus cause a soft, flat and constructive massage.


    Turbojets are large, powerful jets directed into the large, powerful muscle areas of the lower back to provide a deeper massage.


    These nozzles have the diameter of a finger and thus cause a strong, punctual finger pressure massage. They are directed at the muscles in the shoulder and neck area as well as at the muscles to the left and right of the spine. Also on the feet and calves.