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Whirlpools: Sparkling, refreshing, vivid - Water and air

Where warm water and pulsating air interact, bathing becomes an adventure

Health through water…

Water, warmth, whirl systems: These are the three elements that work uniquely together in a whirlpool.

Water: The buoyancy force of water causes our body to have only one tenth of its actual weight. The body floats, the joints are relieved, blood circulation is stimulated.

Heat really gets the blood circulation going. This is important because our blood has the task of transporting vital oxygen, nutrients and healing substances to our body cells. Only well nourished cells are healthy, resistant and can grow.

Whirlpool systems: Massage jets are now targeted at tense muscle areas and loosen them up again. The tissue relaxes. The air bubble system makes the skin vibrate like a membrane. This more than doubles the blood flow in the skin in a very short time. Oxygen reaches the skin through the pores. Thus the oxygen supply of the body is substantially improved.