Colourfast, easy to clean, kind to the skin

    Quality in swimming pool construction

    GFK: The stuff pool dreams are made of

    A high-tech material ensures that RivieraPools provide bathing pleasure for many years to come: The prefabricated pools are made of glass fibre reinforced plastics (GRP). Because it is robust, very strong, easy to shape and at the same time lightweight, the material is used not only in swimming pool construction but also in aircraft, ships and wind turbines.

    Seven layers - one unit

    The bodies of the RivieraPool prefabricated swimming pools consist of seven layers of material, each of which has a special function.

    • Colour fast, Easy to maintain, Skin friendly
      • Duracolor 90 HD. This is the synthetic colour finish especially for swimming pool surfaces. 
      • In addition, a fine cell layer to minimize fiber print on the surface. 
        Makes the pool shell noticeably smoother.
    • Resistance against osmosis through epoxy-acrylat
      • Robust layer of fiberglass which is resistant against chemicals.
      • Fine layer of fiberglass.
      • Ceramic coupling layer to create an homogenous and long lasting structure. All layers are embedded into highly resistant epoxy-acrylat.
    • Insulation saves energy, and your wallet
      • Polyurethan hard foam lauer. 
        k-value 0,3 W/m2 · k. 
        (in comparison: 3-times insulation glass = 0.45 W/m2 · k)
    • Stabilisation
      • Backup material as "last and final layer". 
        Integrated rectangular steel pipes and a standing step offer maximal stability.

    RivieraPool warranty certificate

    20 years: waterproof laminate of the pool shell.

    10 years: against blistering and delamination in the pool shell.

    5 years: against defects of the built-in parts and pipes.

    2 years: against defects of the electrical equipment like pumps, motors, heaters.

    This warranty is valid in the entire European Union for every private first owner of a RivieraPool swimming pool.

    Quality management in the production process

    Sturdiness and durability - for many years of trouble free swimming and fun.

    That means for us: the implementation of quality management. As active member of the AVK (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Verstärkte Kunststoffe = study group reinforced plastics) our production technicians research, together with our suppliers, which influences from the pool water, water treatment chemicals and the environment affect the surface of the shell. Especially the various disinfection products, pH values and water temperature play a role.