Prefabricated swimming pools

The swimming pool for your outdoor living room

Today nature is deliberately enjoyed. The calming effect of water, the empowering tranquillity of a well equipped garden, the harmony that your "outdoor living room" can radiate. Water is always the centrepiece of such a garden. Discover the possibilities of designing your water garden with our prefabricated pools.

So today one wishes for "water as an integral part of the garden", for the preservation and revitalisation of body and mind. Such a wish does not ask for a swimming pond or swimming pool. Rather, it is about naturally staged water, chicly embedded in your personal ambience.

Swimming pools for every type of individual design

If the water can also be a full pool, we speak of D·Line: The RivieraPool prefabricated pool series. D·Line is the symbiosis of ambience and function. D-Line is absolutely reduced in appearance. Clear lines, clear structures, many chic design possibilities for individualists. This basin is always the centre of the garden without any disturbing technical elements, holding the elements together.

The clear lines give all the more freedom for every type of individual design: a pool deck made of natural stone with stream and spring. A water wall with light effects. Stepping stones in shallow water. Gabion wall and precious wood terrace, boxwood balls or chic shaped wood. Armchair and sofa made of fine artificial wickerwork. Umbrellas in beige textile with noble decoration. Torches at night. Accompanied by the inviting lighting of the swimming pool. A handful of ideas stylishly implemented - that's what makes it special. It goes without saying that function and comfort are just right. Because every RivieraPool is and remains a prefabricated pool that has developed on the basis of the experience of well over 10,000 installations in over 45 years.

The Style series - inexpensive prefabricated swimming pools

Simpler construction - equipment package included

Roller shutter systems for prefabricated swimming pools

Roller shutter covers can be retracted and extended fully automatically and fulfil several functions at the same time.

Available flow and massage systems

All flow and massage systems are equipped with separate air regulators for each nozzle, hair-catching suction fittings, pneumatic circuit and quietly running high-performance pump.