Custom-made prefabricated mosaic pools

MLine: Custom-made prefabricated swimming pools

People are increasingly demanding high-end, custom designs for their indoor and outdoor swimming pools. They often ask for straight and minimalist lines, balanced proportions and stylish colours and materials. Plus they want maximum functionality for a swimming pool that will be far more than just a “basin full of water”. 

System possibilities

MLine offers a variety of ways to create an individual pool design while reaping the benefits of a pre-fab kit.

Choose your steps, roller shutter, pool shape and size, and whether you want a skimmer or overflow pool. Customise your pool with your preferred mosaic, lighting, and technical equipment.

All of these details will be determined with an on-site planning meeting. Your pool will be made and fully outfitted for you at the factory. Your pool will then be delivered in a single piece and will be ready to use in just a few days.

Every pool unique

Glass mosaic

Mosaic is today one of the most demanding and durable surfaces in swimming pool construction. The individual glass mosaics are differently coloured and thus give a completely different light and colour reflection. Depending on the angle from which you look at the pool. This results in infinitely many different colour impressions with which you can consciously create the ambience in your pool room or bath garden.

Gutter systems & water level

If you want your terrace to float above the water surface, choose a skimmer pool with a high water level. Or do you want the water surface to lie in the terrace like a mirror? Seamlessly flowing? Then opt for an overflow pool with a concealed channel. Or should your water surface follow a slope in terraces and open the view into the valley? Then a panorama channel is the right choice. And if you want water to flow through your garden, a spring pool might be the right option, from which the water bubbles and flows into the pool via a stream. MLine has the right solution for all these planning cases. The good thing is that the finished system comes to you in one piece and is installed in a short time.