Good mood!

    Ambience for your garden

    Your RivieraPool looks much more interesting with the addition of extensions.

    These include spring, rivulets, shallow water areas and water surfaces of all types and sizes which are connected to the swimming pool.

    Spring and stream

    Allow your pool to appear natural - the decorative elements of our "extensions" such as spring and stream make it possible. With a spring pool you stage the source of your pool water. Decorated with light and broken glass stones, the spring pool gives the pool landscape an elegant look. The stream connects the spring with the swimming pool. The length of the stream can be selected individually. Further elements such as waterfalls, cascades, pebbles in the course of the stream and chic lighting can be used to artistically stage the course of the stream. All water-bearing elements are made of the same material as prefabricated parts. Everything can be individually configured and everything fits together. One system, everything produced in the factory, quickly and safely installed on site.

    Water levels

    Stone-covered overflow channels, negative edges, infinity pools, reflective surfaces, St. Moritz edges, panorama edges, overflow edge, sunken overflows, etc.

    Concealed slatted cover (slatted cover shaft housing)

    The hidden slatted cover is installed in the pool and can be rolled back into the shaft when you want to use the pool. In the shaft, the cover is rinsed and disinfected with filtered water, any dirt removed is suctioned off and your pool stays clean guaranteeing trouble-free swimming and a clear view of the water.

    All RivieraPools can be covered with these modern cover systems….
    Submerged slats, underfloor slatted cover shafts, inline slatted covers, or the new modern Integra cover housings are available. All contain a slatted cover that rolls out at the push of a button over the water surface and covers the pool safely. When rolled up, the cover is concealed in the slatted cover shaft that can be selected depending on the pool type or application. The slatted cover is safely housed in the shaft and rinsed with water to ensure hassle-free swimming and a stylish appearance.

    Natural stone edging

    Surrounded by natural stones, your pool will have an elegant, yet natural appearance. A natural coping stone hanging over the water’s edge draws the eye to the water surface, making the pool look even larger and more elegant. The steps can also be paved with natural stone. Add a terrace in natural stone to create a look that blends in with the pool to create a harmonious design.

    Panorama channel

    Enjoy your own panoramic views whilst swimming. The panorama channel has a sunken overflow channel that allows the water level to break away, giving a view to your surroundings. The free flowing overflow keeps wave formation to a minimum without reflections on the water. The smooth surface creates an inviting space to swim quiet laps whilst enjoying the surrounding views.

    Shallow water zone

    An innovation from RivieraPool: a shallow water zone as a one to two metre extension of the swimming pool with a water depth of just 15cm. You can set up seats and lounges in the shallow water of the WetLounge to create a new outdoor living area. During the day, the shallow zone is a great play area for the little ones or a lovely spot to chill out seated or lying in the water. At night, with the right lighting, the water terrace looks like a lagoon in your garden. You can even put a fire bowl in the shallow water zone to create a romantic ambience. When it’s time to cover up the pool for the night, just move the lounge chairs to the garden and keep the party going around the open fire.

    Integrated planting zones

    Our partner TeichMeister has the right concepts for integrating aquatic plants and natural decoration into your pool area. Whether it’s a classic pool with adjoining decorative area or a natural swimming pool with integrated planting zone, the system offers a wide variety of options.

    Seat cushions and shade

    Life on the water: comfortable relaxation is made possible by square seat cushions, the RivieraPool SummerSet allows you to dangle your legs in the water and let your mind wander. Or chill out under the “Unosider zefiro” pavilion. A special combination is created by the shade of our WetLounge in combination with stylish MyYour chairs to create a refined, shaded spot in your garden unlike any you’ve ever seen before.

    Steps made of porcelain stoneware

    The steps of your RivieraPool can ideally be covered with fine stone or natural stone. This allows you to display the look of your outdoor floor in your pool.