Pool maintenance

    How often does the water have to be changed?

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    You don't actually have to change the water in an outdoor pool because it is completely renewed every 1.5 years by rainwater alone: a 4x8 metre pool holds 37,500 litres of water, and with the average annual rainfall in Germany, 25,000 litres of rainwater are fed into the pool every year. In 1.5 years, the tank contents are completely renewed once. It is also assumed that the basins will no longer become as polluted in winter as they were years ago, when there were no roller shutter covers or winter leaf nets. Thus at the beginning of the season it only needs a fraction of care and as described above, it will simply always remain in the pool.

    With an indoor swimming pool this is naturally somewhat different: Here fresh water must be supplied continuously, solely in order to compensate for evaporation. Every three to five years, the water should once be completely changed, because the chloride content in the water also increases over time.  

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