Pool maintenance

    Which technology keeps the water clean?

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    An important contribution to maintaining the water quality is made by the filter system and the associated optimally adjusted water hydraulics. A well-adjusted water hydraulic system ensures that the water in the swimming pool is moved: Fresh, disinfected water flows in, used, "bathed" water flows out. The used water is channelled through a filter system, cleaned mechanically and - provided with the disinfectant - flows back into the pool. The inlets and outlets in the swimming pool are ideally arranged in such a way that the clean water can reach all areas of the pool as quickly as possible. Filter systems and water hydraulics are optimally adjusted in your RivieraPool as soon as they are installed.

    If you do not want to check and correct the pH values and disinfectant content of the bath water manually, you can equip your swimming pool with automatic measuring, control and regulation technology. These devices continuously measure the pH value and the disinfectant content - i.e. the parameters that are decisive for good water quality - and automatically add any missing quantities of disinfectant without any personal intervention being necessary. You only need to perform a manual measurement once in a while to check the integrated measuring technology. The system must be inspected at least twice a year. Integrated measuring and control systems are complex devices that are specially adapted to the needs of the swimming pool. 

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