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    RivieraPool starts with a new range of whirlpools for the 2016 pool season

    Straight lines, puristic design, high-tech materials and new features: RivieraPool last year completely overhauled its range of whirlpools. Three new models are available as built-in indoor models or as portable spas for outdoor use.

    "Wave", "Strato 2.0", and "Strato 2.3" - this is what RivieraPool's new whirlpools are called. "We have completely overhauled the design and features of our whirlpools so as to address the current trend of outdoor living," explains Uwe Rengers, marketing manager at RivieraPool. The softly curved forms of previous models have given way to new models that have straight lines and a puristic design. Their square form, as well as the choice of materials, blends in perfectly to modern living spaces.

    The lines between garden and home are becoming increasingly blurred. Fabrics, materials, and decorative objects from the interior find their way into the "green living room". This is reflected by a newly developed exceptional whirlpool feature, which raises the bar with respect to looks and functionality: the hard-top becomes a daybed.

    The requirement was to develop an uncomplicated, weather and winterproof whirlpool cover which serves as insulation, protection, and as a stylish padded daybed. Furthermore, this daybed must be lightweight so that it can be opened and closed effortlessly, without a complicated cover lifter system. The cover should be easy to take off and move around. These requirements have now been met by combining lightweight building boards with open-pore upholstery foam and outdoor vinyl fabric. The cover thus remains lightweight, easy to remove, and yet robust enough for two people lying on the daybed together. 

    Weatherproof Resysta cabinet
    RivieraPool uses new materials also for its spa cabinets: in particular for portable spas that are used outdoors, the manufacturer offers cabinets made from Resysta panels. The material, which has long been used in architecture, shipbuilding, and furniture design, consists of special polymeric composites with rice husks. As the material is water resistant, it is predestined for use outdoors or in wet areas. Resysta panels are available in a wide range of colours with a stylish wooden look. This development is part of an integral design concept: "As Resysta is also frequently used in facade engineering as well as for pool or terrace decking, it is possible to harmonise the look of the whirlpool with the overall design," explains Uwe Rengers. The technical spa equipment is hidden behind the removable panels and is easily accessible at all times. Optimal insulation of the equipment compartment is provided by high-tech polyurethane insulating boards. The waste heat of the pumps is recovered to help heat the bath water.

    For private and public users
    The "Wave" model is available as a skimmer pool for stationary installation, as a portable spa or as "Wave Highline" with an overflow channel. This makes "Wave" equally suitable for the requirements in private spa areas and for public use in hotels and fitness centres. The whirlpool has four hydromassage seats. The various hydromassage jets are arranged according to an 8-step programme and are geared towards a 20 minute hydrotherapeutic whirl massage. "The health benefits of water, heat and whirl systems have long been proven," explains Guido Rengers, "so a bath in a whirlpool is particularly conducive to the treatment of widespread conditions like back ache and neck pain.”

    The new RivieraSpas are available in the following sizes:


    • "Wave Highline" as a stationary model in 255 x 255 cm (100.4 x 100.4 in.), as a skimmer pool in 195 x 220 cm (76.8 x 86.6 in.)  and as a portable spa in 250 x 250 cm (98.4 x 98.4 in.)
    • "Strato 2.0" a compact variant, as a stationary model in 194 x 194 cm (76.4 x 76.4 in.) and as a portable spa in 211 x 211 cm (83.1 x 83.1 in.)
    • "Strato 2.3" a more spacious variant, as a stationary model in 230 x 230 cm (90.6 x 90.6 in.) and as a portable spa in 250 x 250 cm (98.4 x 98.4 in.)

    "By importing the first whirlpools from America back in the seventies and beginning to produce our own whirlpools shortly afterwards, we significantly contributed towards the acceptance of whirlpools in Germany," reminisces Guido Rengers. "Even though the European whirlpool market is currently hotly contested, we still intend to convince people of our quality 'made in Germany' and our innovative ideas. Spa and wellness continue to enjoy undiminished popularity, and the health benefits of regular whirlpool sessions are undisputed," says Guido Rengers, explaining why RivieraPool decided to relaunch its range of whirlpools.