Exhibitions Minipools (C-Side)

    The Revolution: compact mini pools for the garden terrace

    Compact dimensions of 210 cm x 210 cm or 210 cm x 370 cm and a pool depth of 80 cm means that even a small garden can become a habitat on the water.

    Dip in, dive in.
Aqua living is like a holiday with a lake view. Only at home. After work let yourself be pampered by the massage jets, enjoy the colourful play of ambient lighting and listen to the gentle movement of the water, caused by the spring jet nozzles.

    Warm up and cool down. Attrractive not only in summer. Robust construction, insulating concrete and the air heat pump ensure quick heating of the water. We have also thought of a natural wood heater. A fire bowl with stainless steel spiral sends the well heated water back into the pool. On the water, in the water. Family and friends are welcome. For some the garden pool becomes a lounge area. A glass of wine, good friends and a seating and lounge area around the mini pool can turn your garden into a relaxation area. For the other the C-side is the fitness oasis, which enriches their own sports programme. After jogging or before work the garden pool refreshes body, mind and soul.
    With the "Lounge2Cover" covering your garden pool is also safe and secure.
    Clever technology, short installation.
Our mini-pools are always available with clever technique. A skimming filter with large foliage basket sucks dirt from the surface and keeps the water clean. Or do you prefer it more natural? Then we have for you the biofilter in which plants clean the water biologically. The technology is housed in a small duct, which is sunk just next to the pool into the ground. The hinged lid reveals the equipment room. The built-in parts of the pool are always factory fitted.
    In this way C-side pools are quickly installed in any garden. The C-side pools are of excellent origin. The company Riviera Fertigschwimmbad GmbH has been producing swimming pool and whirlpools in northern Germany since 1970.