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    Strong demand for RivieraPool’s new "MLine" pool

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    MLine pools combine the advantages of system pools with a wide variety of individual design options. Like all RivieraPool swimming pools, MLine pools are made from extremely durable GRP materials. The mosaics are assembled at the factory and the finished pool is then transported to the construction site in one piece. "Not only does this save time, but also about 20 per cent of what it would cost to install the mosaics on site," says Managing Director Guido Rengers.

    Straight, puristic, individual
    At the same time, the new pool range offers totally new design options. “With its new product line, RivieraPool satisfies continuous customer demand for an individual design," emphasises general manager Guido Rengers. MLine pools come in a wide range of forms, sizes and features and can be supplied ex factory with a mosaic, ceramic or natural stone surface. The Ezzari glass mosaics alone are available in 20 colours. "MLine pools have straight lines and a puristic design. With their reduced design vocabulary, they blend perfectly into modern architectural worlds," Rengers elaborates.

    Extreme durability
    The extreme durability of the mosaic swimming pools is due to their special composition. The pool shell is made of multilayer epoxy acrylate and reinforced with fibreglass. This composition of materials combines the extreme strength of fibreglass with the chemical resistance of epoxy acrylate and is also used for example in aircraft construction. As the mosaic or stone surface is also glued and grouted with epoxy resin, all layers of the pool have the same surface tension. The pool's elasticity compensates for movements caused by changes in temperature and the joints remain tightly sealed. Marketing manager Uwe Rengers explains the proof of the pool's durability: "One of the pools presented by RivieraPool at Aquanale has been through a roadshow covering more than 10,000 km." RivieraPool also provides their customers with a guarantee certificate that confirms this durability.

    Large Variety of Design Options
    Just like other RivieraPools, MLine pools are available in different sizes, ranging from 4 to 5 metres in width and up to 10 or 12 metres in length. As sports pools, they can be as long as 20 metres. Two step areas, either running the entire length of the pool or fitted into a corner, matching handrails and an ambience package including sound and pool lights to allow maximum flexibility in the pool’s configuration. RivieraPool's Thermosafe roller-shutter covers are available for MLine pools in two qualities: with slats made from PVC or polycarbonate. Not only do they protect the pool from contaminants and heat loss, around 80 per cent of thermal energy is lost via the surface of the water. "With their transparent upper and black under surface, the roller-shutter covers even exploit solar radiation to heat up the pool water for free. Like this, one can gain an extra 2-4 degrees on sunny days," explains Uwe Rengers, stressing the significance of roller-shutter covers.

    Stone-covered overflow channels or panorama channels that allow an unobstructed view of the valley for hillside pools open up even more special design options. By intelligently combining features from the RivieraPool "Fun & Function" package, such as counter-swim units, hydromassage jets, and air-bubble plates, an MLine pool can be turned into a fitness pool, a spa oasis, or a pool for the entire family - depending on customer preferences.

    At the beginning of the 2016 pool season, RivieraPool sees a strong demand for its mosaic pools. Several pools have been installed already in Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. Within one week, the pools are generally ready for use, bring on summer!