MLine prefabricated mosaic pools: All advantages, many individual design options

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    Customisable surfaces made of mosaic, ceramic or natural stone, an extensive range of equipment and extreme durability: this is the MLine from RivieraPool, one of the leading manufacturers of prefabricated swimming pools in Europe. The swimming pool line has been in the manufacturer's range since the end of 2015 and is in great demand: "The mosaic pools have been very well received by the end customer due to the wide range of design, equipment and system options. To put together your own dream of a pool individually and still take advantage of a prefabricated construction kit is perfect with MLine," explains Guido Rengers, Managing Director of RivieraPool.

    Living by the water - great variety of equipment
    The mosaic pools are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and functions. For the Ezarri glass mosaics alone, you can choose from 20 different colours. There are also other design possibilities with ceramic tiles or natural stones.
    From four to five metres wide and ten to twelve metres long or even as a sports pool with a length of up to 20 metres, all variations are possible. Two stairways built either across the entire width or into the corner, matching handrails and an ambience package including sound and pool lighting allow maximum design variety and offer the perfect all-round package for living by the water. Stone-covered overflow channels or panoramic channels, which allow a view of the valley from a pool on a slope, make special design features possible. The intelligent combination of functionalities from the RivieraPool "Fun & Function" package with counter current systems, massage jets and air-bubble plates make the MLine pool - depending on the customer's wishes - an active fitness pool, a wellness oasis or a pool for the whole family.

    The RivieraPool Thermosafe roller cover is available for mosaic pools in two slat qualities: PVC or polycarbonate. The cover protects the pool from both coarse dirt and energy loss. Indeed, 80 percent of the thermal energy is lost via the water surface. "With its transparent top and black underside, the roller shutter cover uses the power of the sun and heats the pool water for free", is how marketing manager Uwe Rengers explains the importance of the roller shutter cover.

    The joint keeps tight - extreme durability
    MLine pools, like all RivieraPool prefabricated pools, are made of extremely durable GRP material. They are already covered with mosaic, ceramic or natural stone and fully grouted in one piece before being transported to the construction site. "Tiling in the production plant not only saves time, but also around 20 percent of the costs compared to tiling a concrete pool on the construction site," explains Guido Rengers.
    Special feature: Not only the pool shell is made of multi-layer epoxy acrylate and reinforced with fibreglass for extreme strength, but also the mosaic or stone surface is glued and grouted with epoxy resin. This results in a homogeneous material structure, with all layers of the pool having the same surface tension. "This means that movements during transport or temperature differences are compensated for by the elasticity of the pool and the joints remain seamlessly tight. This gives the pools a particularly long service life," is how Uwe Rengers explains the advantages.