Public whirlpools


Experience the nature of water

Whirlpools with overflow channels distinguish themselves by a higher, never changing water surface. Regardless if two or six people sit in it.

This is made possible by the balancing tank installed between the pool and the filter area. Such a pool offers a beautiful view, also if nobody is in it: the water surface works like a mirror. In the Cascada you experience something very unique: because the overlfow edge of the pool is higher, water, air and light become visible in a special way and can be experienced on the skin like elements of nature.

Three elements, that bring body and soul in harmony, bring back vitality after stress and hard work. The warm and filtered water flows over the edge in a lit-up channel, in order to close the circle back to the filter area. The air channel system and the air jet underwater massage are the best prerequisites for a first class spa experience. 

Whirlpools with overflow system according to DIN