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    Swimming pools

    Swimming pools with overflow system

    If you like good hotel swimming pools, you can confirm: Swimming in a pool with overflow system is the most convenient form of swimming.

    Swimming pools, outdoors or indoors, come in manifold formats and designs. With first-class looks and technology, the overflow channel pool might be the most attractive. The high water level seamlessly glides into its environment - just like smoothly flowing water on the beach. Calm transitions and subtle edges create a one-of-a-kind visual experience, exuding peacefulness and elegance. Just the perfect combination of stunning looks and modern technology.

    Classic Series with overflow system

    Combine the series with the step systems "Royal" or "Rom" and create your unique pool which will be delivered prefabricated and in one piece. Fully insulated, with overflow channel and built-in roller shutter cover. Take a look at how elegantly the hidden roller shutter can be used: A seating bench with jet streams as another great pool attraction. The automatic cover is activated by key-switch and enables an energy-saving pool protection. A well-thought-out system which is only available with RivieraPool prefab pools.

    XL-Comfort with overflow channel

    Exclusive hotel pools prove: Swimming in an overflow channel pool - with almost no waves - is pure comfort. Swim your laps without being disturbed by wave reflections. The water calmly glides into the overflow channel, is filtered and used again.

    When the pool is not in use, the smooth water surface creates a stunning look - calming and relaxing. The XL pools with overflow channel are especially suitable for indoor swimming. Maximum space - maximum comfort.

    Outdoor and indoor swimming pools

    Pool with overflow channels - comfort at its best