Pools "Made in germany"


    Building swimming pools

    Production in the factory

    We know for more than 45 years what is important when building swimming pools. Every experience is incorporated like a new detail in the series. That's why our pools are not only installed faster, but also are simply more clever than the conventional construction. You don't let your car manufactured in the garage. That's what we thought and that's why we cleanly produce in series.

    This way the equipment can be installed and connected properly. Almost turn key - that makes the work on site so simple. An other advantage is the fact that with this method, the pool can be properly chosen and planned for home or garden. Try that with a conventionally built swimming pool! 

    Sustainability building swimming pools

    This is our contribution to active environmental protection.

    Our "Green" Environment

    Being "Green" especially in our industry, means sustainability and environmental protection is a significant factor. Our exhaust products are pre-filtered and then guided through an "organic filter bed", a patented process, where bacteria clean and decompose the exhaust products of manufacture, allowing our exhaust to be returned to the environment as clean “Forest Fresh” air. This is our contribution to active environmental protection.

    Other good reasonsQuality in bulding swimming pools