All RivieraPool prefabricated pools feature timeless, classic designs. A pool should always be perfectly integrated into its garden surroundings.

    The shapes and colours of RivieraPools make them a harmonious addition to any design scheme. A pool must never feel like it’s invading the garden; it should be a highlight, but still needs to be in the background, despite the technical equipment. The technology should be functional, but not be visible. This results in our DLine series, which puts the design aspects into the foreground. DesignLine for your garden, where the pool is your garden’s water feature, a place of relaxation for people who need water to live, whether as a place for active use or as a calming influence.


    The inside of a RivieraPool consists of seven layers. Each layer performs a specific function and, when combined, they are responsible for the unique characteristics of your RivieraPool.

    Starting from the water-side of the pool the first two layers provide a fade-resistant, easy-care surface that friendly to your skin. The first, high-density coloured layer is UV-resistant and also resists many chemicals and cosmetics. Its long-term resistance to fading is the result of years of collaboration with AVK and our strict processing guidelines. The second layer makes the pool walls noticeably smoother, which helps keep dirt, algae, and lime scale from adhering, making the surface easy to clean and kind to the skin. Scratches or damage can easily be buffed out as required. The glossy, smooth surface ensures that the pool continues to look good and fresh even after many years.

    Quality in pool building 


    All Riviera Pools are as functional as you would expect from a luxury pool with as much style as possible and as little technology as necessary.

    It is good if the pool is safely covered and insulated. If the water remains well filtered and warm at night. The cover opens up automatically in the morning with the press of a button. When it’s comfortable and easy to enter the pool on anti-slip treads. When a good counter-current system is there to provide a fresh workout for each day.

    When the kids can go splashing about in the afternoon and you can feel secure that the little ones are in good hands with well-integrated technology and maximum safety. When you want to spend a relaxing summer evening in and around a stylishly illuminated pool with clean and warm water. Then it must be a RivieraPool.

    RivieraPools are prefabricated in the factory and not on site. Through constant improvements in the course of almost 50 years of experience, RivieraPools offer a symbiosis of functionality and design that is unique on the market.