Natural pools combine ecology and design

    In a natural swimming pool, a planted filter zone for natural water treatment is installed in front of the finished swimming pool.

    "Our working and living environments have been dominated by high-tech for a long time. In their leisure time, however, more and more people are focusing on naturalness, slowing down and returning to the family," says Uwe Rengers, Head of Marketing, explaining the trend towards the natural pool.

    The nature pool is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers and nature lovers, as the water is treated purely biologically. A regeneration zone consisting of plants, gravel and microorganisms is installed upstream of the actual pool. This zone is either directly connected to the pool or can be a few meters away. Pool water flows continuously through the planted filter zone by means of a pump, so that the nutrients of the pool water are stored in the filter substrate and degraded by the biomass. The microorganisms in the plant zone clean the pool water in a natural way and keep it in a sustainable balance. Due to this gentle cleaning, the water of a natural pool is noticeably soft, very skin-friendly and even has drinking water quality.  

    Swimming and cleaning zone
    The natural pool is divided into a swimming area and a cleaning area. About 90 percent of the total area is available for swimming, the filter zone occupies about 10 percent of the area. A natural pool therefore requires slightly more space than a conventional swimming pool. Unlike swimming ponds, however, the swimming area of a natural pool remains completely free of aquatic plants and animals.

    Comfort equipment & modern design
    Natural pools from RivieraPool offer all the comfort features of a classic prefabricated swimming pool: flow and massage systems can be integrated as well as pool lighting and pool cover. Natural pools can also be heated. However, slow heating is recommended so that the microorganisms can adjust to the temperature. "The microorganisms tolerate a water temperature of up to 25 degrees Celsius," states Uwe Rengers, explaining the reasons why the water in a natural pool cannot be heated as much as in a conventional pool. A natural pool can be managed in a particularly sustainable way if a solar cover heats the pool water with the power of the sun.   

    The design of RivieraPool natural pools does not differ from other prefabricated pools: A natural pool also comes in a linear, modern design. If you want to underline the naturalness of your pool, you can rely on accompanying materials such as natural stone and wood. A dark pool colour, for example granicite black, emphasises the naturalness of the water. The filtration zone can also be consciously integrated into the design of the pool landscape, so that a nearly natural bathing landscape is created.