The WetLounge

    Since 1970 pools made in Germany.

    RivieraPools, sauna plunge pools and whirlpools can be found all over Europe in private gardens and public baths, in hotels and on cruise ships. Comfort, consistent quality, unique design and sophisticated technology are based on 40 years of experience and innovation.

    The new generation

    The new Strato 2.1

    The Strato 2.1 - entirely newly developed - is the perfect pool for your bathroom or terrace with its compact dimensions ... Its modern, linear design makes this pool the sympathetic focal point of your bathroom.

    Our favourites

    The best of RivieraPool. Our highlights at a glance



    MLine prefabricated mosaic pools: All advantages, many individual design options

    MLine mosaic pools, like all prefabricated pools by RivieraPool, are made of durable GRP material. They are already provided with mosaic, ceramic or natural stone in the factory.


    State-of-the-art pool design on 1,200 square meters

    New exhibition for prefabricated swimming pools and whirlpools by RivieraPool in the Hofquartier near Munich shows current swimming pool trends.

    Minipools (C-Side)

    C-Side - the compact mini pool for terraces and allotments

    The C-Side-Minipool provides many possibilities for the garden, is quick and easy to install and at the same time remains inexpensive.

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    RivieraPool awarded "Golden Wave" three times

    The Riviera Pool winners this year are MLine, Strato 2.0/2.3 Portable and Karo Ice Cube.